2011 Wrap Up Post

Happy New Year!

2011 was a great year of reading, but not a good year of blogging for me! I read some wonderful books, mostly due to the 2011 Books on the Nightstand Book Retreat. I did not quite meet my goal of 41 books, only hitting 36 books.

My favorite reads of the year (in no particular order):

  • The Last Werewolf, by Glen Duncan
  • The Night Strangers, by Chris Bohjalian, 400 pages, October 2011, NOOK
  • Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, 391 pages December 22, 2011 NOOK
  • Something Missing, by Matthew Dicks
  • Kings of the Earth, by John Clinch, 393 pages, February 22, 2011
  • House Arrest, by Ellen Meeropol
  • Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, 398 page, January 19, 2011
  • Looking for Alaska, by John Green, 178 pages, January 25, 2011 (e book)
  • Unexpectedly, Milo, by Matthew Dicks

I did not too well with my reading challenges. The only 2 challenges I completed were the e-book challenge, reading 17 books on my NOOK, and the Books on the Nightstand Retreat Author Reading Challenge.

I’m looking forward to another year  of good books. Since I’m going to the 2012 Books on the Nightstand Booktopia event again this year, I know I will have pile of new books and authors to read.

What were some of your favorite reads of the year?

TSS: June 5, 2011

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Can you believe it is June already? In two more weeks I’ll be on summer vacation! I never did a wrap up for April, so here are the books I read in April and May:

  1. The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady, by Elizabeth Stucky-French, 334 pages, April 2, 2011
  2. The Bee-Loud Glade by Steve Himmer, 222 pages, April 10, 2011
  3. Teaching with Poverty in Mind, by Eric Jensen, 152 pages, April 13, 2011
  4. Something Missing, by Matthew Dicks, 292 pages, April 19, 2011
  5. A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness, 587 pages, May 7, 2011
  6. Listen, by Rene Gutteride, 350 pages, NOOK
  7. Finn, Jon Clinch, 304 pages, May 15, 2011
  8. The Lens and the Looker, by Lory S. Kaufman, 322 pages, May 29, 2011
Something Missing was my favorite book out of all the books read in April and May.
Yesterday I started reading a book from the DCF list, Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. This is a book about a girl with Asperger’s who is dealing with the death of her brother. A fast read that quickly pulls you into the story. This is the book I’m reading on my NOOK, I’m not sure which “real book” to start next. I like to have a real book going for when I’m reading outside and playing fetch with Tessa.
I also wanted to post an update on the water in my basement. The water table is starting to go down and the water is slowing down. Now, I can leave the pumps off for 10 hours and I only have about an inch of water. I was even able to do laundry down there yesterday! The weather looks good for this week, with only a possible shower today and on Thursday. I can handle that!
I hope everyone has a great week. Happy reading!
[Wordpress question: My formatting keeps  getting messed up in this post. I have hit return to skip lines between my paragraphs, but when I click on publish and update they get erased. Any ideas?]
[Another update: Oops, I had left out 2 of the books that I had read! I added them to my list.]

TSS: March Ends… April Begins!

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April is looking good so far! A big storm was predicted for April first, but it missed us! Hooray! Yesterday was up in the 40’s and it was just gorgeous out. Today’s forecast looks great too. The sunshine and the warmer weather energize me so much.

Well I don’t have much of a wrap up for March! I didn’t finish one single book in March! Last year only read one book in March, so instead of blaming myself for being lazy, I’m going to say that March is a slow reading month for me. Good thing February was a good month!  🙂

I did almost meet my goal of 100 miles last quarter! I did 95 miles! That’s the closest I have ever gotten to the goal. I know I can make it this next quarter.

April looks to be a fun month! Next weekend is the big event down in Manchester, Vermont put on by Books on the Nightstand and Northshire Bookstore. I can’t wait! Today I’m starting the last book I have left to read for the event: The Bee-Loud Glade by Steve Himmer. Along with Steve Himmer, the following authors will be there: Matthew Dicks, Chris Bohjalian, John Clinch, Wendy Clinch, Elleen Meeropol, Susan Gregg Gilmore, and Elizabeth Stucky-French. My friend and I have already picked out the workshops we’re attending and we’re so excited!

Do you have any fun plans in April?


Wrap up of 2010

Here I am back on the blog! I  got out of the habit and I’ve really missed blogging. I hope to make more regular updates in 2011.

To get back up on my blogging feet, I thought I would start with this survey from The Perpetual Page-Turner. I don’t have many books to choose from or my “best of” list, since I only read 29 books this year, but here I go! Below that, I’ve posted my stats for the year.

Happy New Year everyone!

1. Best book of 2010? I have 2 books I could not stop thinking about after reading: A Dog’s Purpose and Unwind. My top choice for the year has to be A Dog’s Purpose.

2. Worst book of 2010? I know I did start and then stop a book this year. But for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was! That really is my worst book of the year because I couldn’t read it. Out of the ones I read, probably Eclipse because I’m not really a fan of the series.

3. Most Disappointing Book of 2010? As I look back over my list of read books, I realize that I can’t remember anything about the book Story of a Girl. Even after read the synopsis, I can’t recall reading it all. I don’t know if disappointing is the best place to list it, but I’m going to.

4. Most surprising (in a good way!) book of 2010? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I did try reading this once earlier in the year and couldn’t get into it. My aunt told me to try it again and I’m so glad I did. I loved it and soon after read the second book. I hope to read the third one soon.

5. Book you recommended to people most in 2010? A Dog’s Purpose Instead of recommending it, I gave it to many people for Christmas.
6. Best series you discovered in 2010? The Millennium trilogy. I feel like I was the last one on the planet to get into it.

7. Favorite new authors you discovered in 2010? Stieg Larsson, Neal Shusterman, W. Bruce Cameron

8. Most hilarious read of 2010? I don’t think I have one this year.

9. Most thrilling, unputdownable book in 2010? The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Passage
10. Book you most anticipated in 2010? Mockingjay

11. Favorite cover of a book you read in 2010? I didn’t have one this year.

12. Most memorable character in 2010? Katniss Everdeen from Mockingjay and the dog from A Dog’s Purpose

13. Most beautifully written book in 2010?

14. Book that had the greatest impact on you in 2010? A Dog’s Purpose

15. Book you can’t believe you waited UNTIL 2010 to finally read? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Here are my stats for reading in 2010

Books read wrap up

  • Total number of books: 30
  • Total number of pages: 9,951
  • Male authors: 12
  • Female authors: 18
  • Fiction: 25
  • Nonfiction: 5
  • Graphic Novels: 3
  • Young Adult: 9
  • Middle Grade: 5

I did not meet my goal of 100… I didn’t even do as well as last year (58 books).

As for challenges, I completed 2, yep only 2 challenges.

Challenges completed:

Bring on 2011!

TSS: A beautiful weekend (March 7, 2010)

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A Hint of Spring

Hooray! It is starting to feel a little bit like spring! The temperature the last few days, has gotten up into the 40’s. It feels so good. This weekend I had so much fun walking around downtown, enjoying the sun and the beautiful air. I was also able to take Sara, one of the dogs, on 2 walks. Sara needs to lose about 5 pounds so I’m hoping to include her in some of my exercise. Getting out into the sun just makes me feel so good.

I also got together with one of my best friends from college. We had a wonderful meal at one of my favorite restaurants, A Single Pebble. We exchanged Christmas, birthday, and graduation gifts (she got her Master’s this summer). And we laughed and chatted for hours.

Wrap Up

I can’t believe it is March already! I meant to do a wrap up at the end of February, so I’m going to do it now.

So far I’ve read 9 books this year. Not a lot, but still making progress. I am so determined to meet the 100 miles goal for the 100 mile challenge. I still have a way to go, but I’ve tried hard to keep motivated! The warmer weather is helping.

State of the Challenges:

I hope everyone else had a good weekend. The weather forecast here in Vermont is beautiful the rest of the week. I’m determined to get outside and enjoy it everyday.

TSS – Wrap up of 2009 and SNOW!

I really enjoyed looking over everyone’s wrap up of 2009. I took some time this weekend and figured out what I read and gathered a bit of data of my own reading.

Books read wrap up

  • Total number of books: 58
  • Total number of pages: 16,483
  • Male authors: 21
  • Female authors: 36
  • Fiction: 49
  • Nonfiction: 9
  • Graphic Novels: 9
  • Young Adult: 28
  • Reviews written: 31
  • audio books: 1

My overall reading goal was 100 books, which I didn’t make, but I did read more books this year than I ever have! So I feel that is a success!

This year I listened to my first audio book (Harry Potter #1) and I read graphic novels for the first time.

Challenge wrap up

Completed challenges:

Attempted challenges, but not completed:

Dropped out:

Book Award II Challenge


For the last week we kept hearing about a storm that was coming. I did all my errands and prepared to be snowed in, not really thinking that it would happen. Well this morning when I got up and opened up the curtains I almost fell over! We got a ton of snow! 26 inches so far… and it’s still snowing. Here are some pictures from my kitchen door.

The first  picture shows Tessa down in the yard.

The second picture is from my kitchen. You can just barely see Tessa down in the yard. Sara took one look at this and didn’t know what to do.

Fall into Reading 2009 Wrap Up Post

I enjoyed partipating in this challenge. I had planned to read 5 books but I didn’t get to finish the anti-bullying book. This is what I had planned to read and what I actually read during the challenge:

  • The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown – Completed 9/30
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling (I might try listening to this. I heard the audio was fantastic.) – Completed 11/17
  • Preventing Bullying at School, by James Bitney and Beverly B. Title
  • The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro  Completed October 31
  • something of the DCF ListSavvy, by Ingrid Law, 342 pages, Completed November 15

I loved listening to the Harry Potter book. It was the first audio book I could enjoy. I ended up not reading as many books this fall. I’m hoping winter ends up being a better season for reading! I already have a ton of books ready to go with me to my parents’ house while I’m on vacation. There is something about a snowy day that makes me want to curl up and read.