Booking Through Thursday (June 11)

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There are certain types of books that I more or less assume all readers read. (Novels, for example.)

But then there are books that only YOU read. Instructional manuals for fly-fishing. How-to books for spinning yarn. How to cook the perfect souffle. Rebuilding car engines in three easy steps. Dog training for dummies. Rewiring your house without electrocuting yourself. Tips on how to build a NASCAR course in your backyard. Stuff like that.

What niche books do YOU read?

I think there are 3 kinds of niche books that I read. First, I read many books on teaching reading in the primary grades. Some of my favorite books are:

  • Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller
  • On Solid Ground by Sharon Taberski
  • Mosaic of Thought by Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmermann
  • Reading and Writing Informational Text in the Primary Grades by Nell Duke and V. Susan Bennett-Armistead

My second niche includes the Prima guides for the Sims games. I have all the Prima guides for every Sims 2 expansion pack. And now that Sims 3 has come out, I am already reading the Sims 3 Prima Guide.

Finally, my third niche is everything dog related. I love to read about different dog training techniques and theories. One of my recent favorites is Control Unleashed. I participate in many dog related activities (therapy dog work, agility, and rally) so I love reading about people and their dogs.

What about you? What are some niche books you read?


Booking Through Thursday (March 12)


Tami inspired this week’s question:

What book do you think should be made into a movie? And do you have any suggestions for the producers?

Or, What book do you think should NEVER be made into a movie?

A few years ago I read the book Witness, by Karen Hesse, for an education class I took. The book was so moving and the characters had so much voice. I immediately thought that it would make an amazing play, but I also think it would be a very good movie. If you haven’t had a chance to read the book, I highly recommend it. It’s a quick read, probably one sitting.

Booking Through Thursday (March 5)


I’m excited to be participating in my first Booking Through Thursday post.

We’ve all seen the lists, we’ve all thought, “I should really read that someday,” but for all of us, there are still books on “The List” that we haven’t actually gotten around to reading. Even though we know they’re fabulous. Even though we know that we’ll like them. Or that we’ll learn from them. Or just that they’re supposed to be worthy. We just … haven’t gotten around to them yet.

What’s the best book that YOU haven’t read yet?

This is a hard question! I think I have to go with Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I’ve heard so many people talk about this book, and I haven’t read it. I think I have even  bought it… but never read it.  I guess I should look for it and maybe pick it up. I know there are tons more,  but that was the first one that came to mind!

Two others that I have seen on many blogs that sound interesting: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak and The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.