Bloggiesta – Finish Line

Here’s my wrap up post for the January 2010 Bloggiesta, hosted by Maw Books Blog. I was only able to spend about 3 hours working on my blog. This weekend ended up being busier than I expected. But I enjoyed every minute I was working on it.

What did I complete?

I also have a list of things that I didn’t get to that will keep me busy over the next few weeks.

I can’t wait until the next Bloggiesta!


Bloggiesta Time!

I’m ready to join the Bloggiesta! I had a blast at the last Bloggiesta and I got so much accomplished! I have a  bit more going on this weekend so I won’t be able to spend as much time.

Some goals:

  • Clean up tags – working on this/ also ended up adding categories
  • Tag old posts – COMPLETED
  • Clean up my Google Reader – it’s out of control!
  • Get some ideas for posts started
  • Get some templates created for posts
  • Work on my Blogroll – I don’t even know when I last updated it
  • Check out the mini-challenges
  • Organize past reviews
  • other?


I know with my limited time I won’t get most of these done… but it’s a good list to get myself started and to continue to work on throughout the year.

Bloggiesta Wrap Up


This blogging event was so much fun! I joined in late, thinking I would spend just a little bit of time on it. But… I ended up spending hours and hours! I bet I worked 10 hours on my blog. Needless to say, I didn’t get all my errands run yesterday.

Thanks so much to Natasha for hosting the Bloggiesta and to all the other bloggers that mosted mini challenges!

What did I accomplish on the blog? Check out the list below:

Hours: 10                                    Mini Challenges: 7

Spring Reading Thing Wrap Up Post

Take A Chance Challenge: Poetic Review

I learned why my name wasn’t a clickable link when I was commenting on Word Press blogs. Now I can comment without logging out of my own account. Thanks so much Laura from I’m Booking It for the help!

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Clean Up Your Feedreader!

  • Learned about the “trends” tab! What a cool feature!
  • Spent some time really looking through google reader and learning some of its other features
  • Created and organized my folders in google reader.
  • Learned how to rename subscriptions and added blogger’s names to the titles
  • I got all caught up in reading the blogs in my reader! Woo hoo!

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Write a post and save it for later

  • Created two posts for future blogging, both are lists.

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Google Alerts

  • Learned about google alerts and set up some

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Elevator Pitches

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Grade Your Blog

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Anchors Aweigh

Bloggiesta Mni Challenge: Go Forth and Comment

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Go Forth and Comment


This mini challenge is sponsored by Fizzy Thoughts. The goal for this challenge: to seek out 10 (yes, ten!) new blogs (from the list of bloggers who signed up for the Bloggiesta) and leave a thoughtful comment on their blog.

Some of the blogs that are new to me that I visited are:

  1. Book Blather
  2. A High and Hidden Place
  3. Reading Comes From Writing
  4. The 3 R’s: Reading, ‘Riting, and Randomness
  5. Book Journey – One person’s journey through a world of books
  6. The Brain Lair
  7. Lou’s Pages
  8. Green Bean Teen Queen
  9. Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic
  10. Ms. Bookish

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Grade Your Blog


Bookish Ruth is the home for this mini challenge.  The goal for this challenge is to run your website through Website Grader and check out the analysis of your site. I earned a score of 66, not great but higher than I expected it to be! This will be a site I will check out every so often to see what improvements I can make.

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Update a Key Page or Post


Another Bloggiesta mini challenge! This one is hosted by Devourer of Books. The goal here is to update the pages that are most important to your blog.  This includes front pages, about me and contact pages, and high-traffic posts. For more information about what pages should be targeted, check out this post from ProBlogger.

I worked on my About page, reread and fixed up my high traffic posts, and I worked on my header image. The image isn’t what I had in my head, but I just couldn’t get that work out… maybe another time. So I used the header image that I love from my other blog, all about my dogs.

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Elevator Pitches


Another mini challenge completed! This challenge was hosted by Books, Movies, and Chinese Food. The goal for this challenge: Write an elevator pitch for your blog.

This is what I’ve come up with:

Welcome to Nan’s Corner of the Web! This cozy spot is where I will share thoughts, reviews, and ideas on books. I hope you will join in on the conversation. Of course, my 2 chocolate labs will probably pop in from time to time. Make room on the couch for them!