12 in ’12 Reading Challenge

The 12 in ’12 Reading Challenge is a challenge from the Books on the Nightstand podcast. You can interpret the challenge anyway  you like (there are lots of ideas on the website or in the Goodreads Group. I’m just adding 12 books to the total of books that I read this past year. I read 36 books in 2011 so my goal this year is 48 books.

Goal:  48 books

  1. 1. 11/22/63 by Stephen King, 849 pages NOOK
  2. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, by Jonathan Safran Foer, 326 pages NOOK
  3. Learning to Swim: A Novel, by Sara J. Henry, 304 pages, NOOK
  4. Defending Jacob: A Novel, by William Landay, 432 pages, NOOK


2 Responses

  1. Oh a podcast? I’ll have to see what that’s about.
    I think 48 books is doable. Good luck Nan!

  2. jennygirl, It’s a great podcast. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll like it! Unfortunately, your TBR list will get very long!

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