One Thousand Words on One Degree

My family and I went on vacation last week. My parents took my sister’s family and me to Foxwoods in CT. My sister and I spent quite a bit of time before the trip planning out the stuff we would do while we were there.

A couple of months ago, I was searching the Foxwoods website when I discovered The Bacon Brothers would be in concert there. This concert was free for Dream Card members (cards you can get when you visit the casino). I immediately called Kelly, my sister, and we made plans to go. We set a goal to meet Kevin Bacon and get a picture with him to prove our one degree of separation.

Finally, the week of our vacation came and it was the night of the concert. We wanted to go down and line up early because our tickets did not give you assigned seats. We couldn’t believe how long the line was at 5:45 already! (The concert started at 7:00.) We got in line and waited patiently.

Finally, the doors opened. We couldn’t wait to see if we could get some really close seats… we just had to meet Kevin Bacon! Ahead of us, we watched this elderly lady with two-toned colored hair and her husband who walked with a cane. They handed their tickets to the ticket lady and then Two-Tone took off like a bat out of hell, leaving her husband behind. Later we saw her up in the first row. Luckily her husband eventually caught up with her.

When we got into the theater, we scoped out the seats. First we chose some in the center, about 10 rows from the front. Then we saw 2 seats in the second row on the left hand side of the stage. Second row… that’s pretty close to Kevin Bacon! We grabbed those seats. In front of us, was a man with his daughter. We started chatting with them since we had an hour to kill before the concert started.

It turns out this guy is a reporter for a local paper. He has been following the band for years. He knew a lot of interesting facts and trivia about the band and Kevin Bacon. Can you name five Oscar winning films that Kevin Bacon has been in? He then had his daughter pull out her cell phone and show us her gallery of Kevin Bacon photos. They had photos of her from about age 9 to present with Kevin Bacon. Reporter guy then continued to talk about his time spent with Kevin Bacon while continually sharing more and more trivia about Kevin. Instead of a reporter, this guy started to sound more like a Kevin Bacon stalker. Reporter Stalker Guy said there was a chance he could get my sister and me back stage to meet Kevin. We thanked him and said that would be great (refer back to our main goal of the night) but we both knew that it probably wouldn’t happen.

Stalker Guy then pointed to someone over in the second row dead center. He said, “Doesn’t that guy look a lot like Kevin Bacon.” We looked over and there was a guy that did look so much like Kevin! He had Kevin’s nose and a short hair cut like in some of his movies. It was eerie. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like for Kevin up on stage, looking out into the audience and seeing his doppelganger right in front of him. How freaky!

Finally the concert started. There we were… so close to Kevin Bacon! Stalker guy, Two-Tone, and Kevin Bacon Double seemed to all be enjoying the show. Actually, Kevin Bacon Double just sat there, staring at Kevin, with his chin on his hands. Kelly and I had a blast, singing along with the songs. The show ended and Stalker Guy said he didn’t think he could get us in. My sister and I headed off to get some dinner. We didn’t meet Kevin, but we were very close to him. It was a good night.

The next morning, we got up and headed to the opposite end of the resort to get our morning coffee and breakfast. It’s mile from one end to the other, so we decided to get my brother-in-law’s coffee closer to our room after we got our breakfast at Panera’s. On our way back, my sister noticed one of the band members sitting outside the gelato place. We decided to keep our eyes opened for Kevin… maybe the band was getting an early start on the road.

We started to pass the door to our elevators to go to the nearby coffee place, when Kelly saw Kevin turn into the elevators. I grabbed Kelly, told her we weren’t getting the coffee, and we went right to the elevators. We got into the elevator with Kevin, a woman, and a guy. The door closed and I look over at Kevin and told him how much I enjoyed the concert. He was only on the elevator for 2 floors but we chatted while he was on the elevator. When he got off the woman asked me who that was and then she was so surprised and angry at herself for not knowing it was him.

Kelly and I were so excited! We ran down to our rooms and told the rest of the family. We met our goal… we were one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon! I bet Stalker Guy, Two-tone, and Kevin Bacon Double would be so jealous. We didn’t get a picture with him, but we ended up with a great story of our adventure. My poor brother-in-law ended up without a coffee.

So now Kelly and I are wondering what our goal will be for next summer. Who should we try to meet? Maybe next year we will get a picture.

Oh, the answer to Stalker Guy’s trivia question:
JFK, Mystic River, Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon, A Few Good Men


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