One Thousand Words on Summer

This topic was inspired by Heather’s post on vacation. I’m a teacher so I get the summers off. I do usually teach summer school and tutor, but it’s not the same as the hectic work schedule of the school year. This change of pace gives summer a completely different feel to it. This change is so abrupt! One day is a work day filled with nonstop moving, and the next day… vacation – a blank page before me. I love summer! Here are some of the reasons why.

  •     No winter jackets – I love being able to just walk out the door without a bulky, winter coat. No need to but on boots, mittens, hat, or a scarf. I love the lightness of summer clothing! I love my shorts and tank tops. I love my sandals and the feeling of the sun on my skin. It’s so nice to not have the extra bulk of all that winter gear on my body.
  •     Reading on the deck – The very first nice day of summer (or spring) I carry my lounge chair up from the basement and out of its winter hibernation. The chair and I settle back out into the world. I grab my sunglasses, my current book, my iPod, and my dog. Tessa will play fetch for hours while I read. If I get too hot, and ice water doesn’t do the job, I grab a frozen Flavor Ice Pop from  the freezer. Reading on the deck is one of my all time favorite summer activities.
  •     Beach – I live very close to a wonderful beach on the lake. I love going there with my friend or even by myself. I grab a book, a cooler with fruit and water, and an inflatable lounger so we can float on the lake. It is so relaxing! I truly feel like I’m on summer vacation when I’m at the beach. The breeze coming off the lake helps to keep me cooler than on my deck and of course the lake itself is a great way to cool off!
  •     Walks – I have much more time to go for my walks. I love being able to go first thing in the morning, and then even getting in a second walk later in the day! Walking around my neighborhood is so relaxing. I put on my favorite tunes or podcasts and off I go! Sometimes one of the dogs goes with me but often times in the summer it is just too hot for them. They would love to come… but you can see the heat really getting to them.
  •     My own schedule – This is one of my favorite things! During the school year, my day is so scheduled. I love being able to do things when I want to do them. I can have a snack when I want to, eat meals when I want to. It’s also very nice to be able to go to the bathroom when I want to; I don’t have to wait for another adult to come in and stay in the classroom while I go! That is pure freedom! I normally am a person that gets up early, I like to enjoy the quiet, morning hours. But during the summer I also enjoy staying up a little later at night, still getting up early in the morning, but being able to sneak in a little down time during the afternoon.  Ahhh, summer.
  •     Summer food – I love grilled corn on the cob. Yum! There is also nothing like locally grown tomatoes. I have a great recipe for “no cook spaghetti sauce” made with fresh tomatoes. I just love it! Another summer time meal that I enjoy is gazpacho, a cold tomato based soup. I do enjoy summer time meals. Besides meals, the super fresh produce of summer is just so good. I don’t have a garden anymore, but just being able to buy locally grown produce at the grocery is
  •     Summer beverages – I am hooked on ice coffees! (Is it ice coffee of iced coffee?)My mom has one of those Keurig machines which makes ice coffee whenever you want it. I go through so many ice coffees when I’m down there – it’s embarrassing! Another favorite summer time drink is lemonade. This is another beverage that I can just sit and drink all day. It’s so refreshing and tastes like summer.
  •     Going to the movies – I don’t often have time during the school year to go to the movies, but I can fit it in during the summer. I love going to  the movies. I love movie popcorn, even though it is so bad for you, it tastes so good! I’m not even up on what movies are coming out this summer, but I know I will be going to see a couple of them.
  •     Time with family and friends – I like that when I get together with family and friends it is during  more relaxed times in the summer. During the rest of the year, it seems like all the big family gatherings are around the holidays. We have a great time during those get togethers, but they are not as relaxing as during the summer when we get together with each other just to be together. We can play horseshoes, bocce, or corn hole. We can stay up late playing poker or just hang out chatting.

Even though I love summer, I know I’m someone who couldn’t live where summer is the only season. I enjoy the change of seasons and I need the contrasts among all the seasons to help me appreciate the differences that each season can bring. I hope everyone gets to enjoy summer. You know what I’ll be doing: curling up with a good book on the deck, sipping an ice coffee, and enjoying some yummy food. What are some of your favorite things about summer? I hope you get to go do some this week!


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