I really hadn’t considered getting myself an e-reader. I love books. I love the feel of books. I love the smell of books. I like being able to see and feel how much I’ve read and how much I need to go.

But recently I have felt that a couple of books had print that was too small for me to read. I had to work hard to read it. My eye doctor has told me that I need to start thinking about bifocals, but I’m so afraid I’ll have trouble adjusting to them.

That leads me to the e-reader. I know with e-readers you can adjust the size of the font, which would make reading so much more comfortable. My 40th birthday is coming up so I thought it would be a good birthday present to myself. If I were to get an e-reader, I would go with the NOOK because I have a B&N membership, credit card, and the store is close by.

I would love to hear about your experiences with e-readers. Pros, cons. Are they hard to adjust to? Do you miss the feel of a real book?

Thanks and happy new year!


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  1. I purchased my Kindle in September and love it. I took me awhile to jump on the ereader train and now that I have, I can’t believe I waited so long! (Of course the price drop also helped!)

    Transitioning from reading a print edition to the Kindle was very easy. After I stopped playing with the device (changing fonts, looking up words, etc), I finally started reading a book I had purchased. Within minutes I forget I was reading on a device and found myself lost in the story.

    Changing fonts is a big plus for me. I’ve always shied away from books with small prints (I’m sure I missed out on really good books!), but now I can change the font and don’t have to worry about that. Now when I read a print edition, my first thought is “I wish I could change the font!” The other feature I love is the built in dictionary. I always write down words I don’t know with the intent of looking them up later. Usually I misplace the index card or forget to look up the words. Now it’s not an issue. My Kindle is very light (even with the cover on) so reading heavy hardbacks is no longer an issue. I can keep it in my purse (hardbacks don’t fit) so I can have it with me at all times. Also being able to read sample chapters is a great advantage.

    I hope to read more ebooks in 2011, however I still will read print editions as well. I think you will enjoy your Nook. One suggestion is to save a gift card to your account. This is what I do for all my Kindle purchases. I have a budgeted amount for the month and when the balance is $0, no more books can be purchased. If a balance remains, I just roll it over to the next month’s (or choose to not buy a gift card for that month). My CC doesn’t take a beating and it helps me to not overspend. (BTW I purchase the gift card and email it to myself.) Just something to think about.

  2. The big thing that’s difficult for me with an ereader is that you can’t really flip through the book to check something you already read. I tend to prefer to use my ereader when my copy of the book is really old/smelly/small print/etc and I can have it next to me for flipping but do my primary reading on the ereader. That only really works for classics, though.

    Having said that, I’m slowly getting used to reading without flipping, both on audio and in the visual sense. I read several books on my kindle late in the year and had no problem with them, and I anticipate reading more in the future. I don’t mind not having a physical book so much, just for the flipping around.

  3. I never thought I’d want an ereader. I didn’t see what was so great about them or why I’d ever want to even be bothered with one. Then, my book addiction got out of hand and I was running out of book space in my house. I have more books than the library or bookstore.

    I did some research and chose the Nook over the Kindle. One reason was because I could download books from the library and my library has an amazing selection of books. Although, I do admit that I’ve bought quite a few ebooks as well as downloading a ton of great books for free.

    One word of caution, as of right now, you can’t use your B&N membership towards the purchase of any ebook/reader items. I thought I could use my membership discount for the Nook, ebooks and covers, but they don’t accept it for that. So, I eventually let my membership expire since I no longer buy print books.

    As for the Nook itself, I absolutely love it and don’t go anywhere without it. Everything I read now is on my Nook.

  4. Thanks so much for all the great advice!

    Shonda – Great idea to keep a gift on my account to use for buying books. I am afraid it will be too easy to buy books and I’ll spend way to much! After seeing the NOOKs yesterday, I can really see myself spending a lot of time playing with the extras (looking up words, highlighting, making notes, etc.). I’m glad to see that wears off after a bit!

    Amanda – One thing I like about reading a “real book” is being able to physically feel how much I’ve read or how much I still have to read. I think that will be a hard thing to get used to.

    Yvonne – I am a bit disappointed about not being able to use my B&N membership towards the NOOK or e-books. Plus, I get a ton of coupons b/c I have a B&N credit card, but i don’t think I can use those towards e-books either. Do you have the NOOK or the NOOKcolor?

  5. One of the things that I like about the Nook is how well is “plays” with the various ebook formats. I have no intention of buying ebooks so I wanted a reader that I could read library ebooks on. I haven’t had my Nook long, but so far I’ve gotten free books from B&N and Adobe Digital Editions as well as books from GoogleBooks and library ebooks. I’ve also loaded some PDF kntting patterns onto my Nook.
    I’m really enjoying the Nook and have read more than I probably would have in the same period because I was enjoying the novelty of the Nook.
    I still love real books and I wouldn’t try to use an ereader for anything I knew I’d want to annotate. It is fantastic for leisure reading though because you can load a ton of books onto it so you have lots of variety. I don’t know about you but I am always running out of reading material when I am traveling and the Nook is going to solve that problem entirely.
    Yesterday I went to my local B&N to try the read-in-store feature. It worked well – my only difficulty was in finding a place to sit down to read!
    I have the 3G Nook. I didn’t really look into the color version since it was new and more expensive. I wanted the 3G because I don’t have wireless at home.

  6. Nan – I have the Nook. I don’t feel the need to get the Nookcolor right now since I only use my ereader for books and not magazines.

    I was very disappointed that I couldn’t use my B&N discount towards anything for my ereader. I couldn’t use those coupons either. They should really think about changing that and allowing us to use the discount. I know there are alot of people who became ereaders and let their membership expire like I did. There’s no point in keeping it if you are going to only go the ereader route.

  7. Karen – I’m getting more and more excited about the NOOK. I’m going to try to wait until next weekend to go back to the store and check them out again. I do like being able to bring several books with just a little device. I had packed so many for my Christmas vacation!

    Yvonne – I hope they change that too. One good thing is that with my credit card, I earn B&N gift certificates. Those will come in handy!

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