Sunday Salon: May 9, 2010

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to do a quick check in and let people know I’m still around. This time of year is so busy at school but I’m looking forward to the end of the school year where I can get back to reading and blogging.

I also have to give a quick update from my last post about spring vacation. The snow did melt and we had some nice days. Then today we have had snow most of the day again! Luckily it didnt’ stick to the ground at all.

On the reading front… I need a recommendation for a super-duper book to read. I’ve been so busy lately that it takes a lot of effort to get myself to read a few pages each night. Most nights I just go right to bed. I need a book that will keep me turning pages; one that I will be thinking about all day so that I can’t wait to pick up my book when I get home. What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year? Let me know … maybe that will be my next read!

I hope all the mom’s out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


3 Responses

  1. Hi Nan! I feel for you at this time of year. I’m busier, and it’s only my kids in school, I can’t even IMAGINE how busy you must be as the teacher!

    As for book recommendations – did you read Liar? I can’t remember. I’m going to have to go look through your archives. I probably should have done that before leaving the comment…anyway, if you haven’t, that’s a really good one when you want to get hooked right away! 🙂

  2. I gave my mom The Good Earth two days ago and she just finished it, raving about how good it was. Not a new book, but a fantastic read.

  3. Without me checking your list, I am going to recommend The Queen of Palmyra by Minrose Gwin.

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