Sunday Salon: Flat Stanley Visits (April 18, 2010)

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A few weeks ago, my nephew Patrick sent me his Flat Stanley (based on the Flat Stanley books by Jeff Brown) for a visit. I was supposed to take pictures of Flat Stanley participating in various things and then send the pictures back to Patrick. I had a blast bringing Flat Stanley with me and snapping away. Here are some of the pictures from Flat Stanley’s visit.

Here, Flat Stanley is helping make the homemade ravioli for Easter. We made close to 400 ravioli by hand.I was so worried Flat Stanley would end up covered in flour but he made it through just fine.

Here is Flat Stanley on one of the tables of ravioli. The ravioli had to dry overnight before we cook them.

Here is a visit to my classroom. This is part of a project that my student teacher did with the students. They have learned all about the rock cycle. This is a volcano with various parts labeled.

Flat Stanley was able to come and do a lot of things with us. I put a book together with many more pictures and with text “written by” Flat Stanley. I can’t wait for him to share it with his class.

Not much else to report on this week.  I took a quick trip down to New Hampshire for my nephew’s birthday and we had a blast playing the game Creationary made by Lego. It’s like Pictionary but you build things out of Legos instead of drawing. It’s challenging and fun!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m ready for this week to fly by… then I’m on April vacation for a week! Yippee!!


5 Responses

  1. What?? No pictures of Flat Stanley with his host??? ;P

  2. Flat Stanley visited me a few summers back and he went with us to San Francisco. He especially liked Yosemite.

    Before I was a blogger, unfortunately….

  3. Did Flat Stanley survive that volcano? He looks a tad tuckered out.

  4. Amanda – I was the one taking the pictures. I do have to get a picture of me up here.

    Debnance – That sounds like a fun trip for Flat Stanley. 🙂

    Ti – He does look tuckered out in that photo!

  5. We’re newbies in the Flat Stanley project in our homeschool.

    Looking at your pictures and reading about Stanley’s adventures makes us get pretty excited.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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