Read-a-Thon: April 10

The read-a-thon is coming, the read-a-thon is coming! I’m really looking forward the read-a-thon this coming weekend. I have not read much this past month and I haven’t been posting very often. I think a read-a-thon is just what I need to get back into the swing of things.I know I won’t do the whole 24 hours, but it will feel good to set aside a good chunk of the day for reading.

Now my only wish is for the weather to be as beautiful as it was this past weekend. I would love to sit out on the deck and read!

Are you joining in the read-a-thon?


6 Responses

  1. I plan on doing about 6-9 hours in the afternoon on Saturday, but I have book clubs that morning and dont’ want to stay up overnight again. I’m taking it easy this time around!

  2. I cannot wait. I’m focusing in on YA and Graphic Novels 🙂

  3. I hope that I can read outside as well! It’s been SO pollen-y lately, though that it’s gross…hope we get a wee bit of rain between now and then to settle it all down!

  4. I’ll be cheerleading during the read a thon and your blog is one I am assigned to! I look forward to cheering on your reading and enjoying the opportunity to have discovered a new blog!

  5. I am doing it this year and have never done the read-a-thon before, and I signed up to be a cheerleader! I can’t decide which books to read yet!

  6. Let’s get back to shape this read-a-thon! Good luck! We can do it!

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