Nan’s Notes: Between Mom and Jo, by Julie Anne Peters

I started writing this review almost a month ago! Unfortunately, I got so busy and didn’t finish writing it while I still had the book at my house.  This review ended up shorter than originally wanted it.

Between Mom and Jo is a book about family and about the challenges many families face, including illness, prejudice, and infidelity. The book also explores the inequality that same-sex couples face in our society.

What a great book! Between Mom and Jo showed that family is family. It doesn’t matter if it is a mom and dad, 2 dads, or 2 moms. Love is love. Nick, the narrator lives with his 2 moms, Erin (his biological Mom) and Jo. Erin and Jo end up separating. However, since Jo and Erin were not able to legally marry, and Jo never adopted Nick, she loses any rights she could have had to continue her relationship with Nick.

One scene in the book still stands out in my mind. In Nick’s classroom when he was young. The class had drawn pictures of their families for an open house night. Nick’s drawing was never hung up because it showed his 2 moms. That just broke my heart. I loved how Jo marched in and called the teacher on it. I can’t even imagine treating a child and a family that way.

I really liked this book. Pick it up and enjoy Between Mom and Jo if you get a chance.



5 Responses

  1. I absolutely loved this book! I’m glad you did too.

  2. So glad you loved it Nan! It was such a great book. Those last 100 pages just killed me.

  3. Sounds like a very good book with a challenging topic. Nice review!

    Book Dilettante

  4. hey nan you won my giveaway; congrats!

    email me mailing info when you get a chance.

  5. Christina, Amanda, and Harvee – I hope more people read it. It’s such a good book.

    Diane – Thanks for the giveaway! I’m looking forward to the book.

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