Challenge Completed!


Hooray I finished another challenge! The What an Animal II Challenge was hosted by Passion for the Page. Socrates’ Book Reviews will be hosting the What an Animal III Challenge.

I read 6 books that were about animals or had an animal featured in the story. My least favorite was The Leanin’ Dog. I loved Diamond Willow and Hate That Cat.

  1. Diamond Willow, by Helen Frost 111 pages, July 11
  2. New Moon, by Stephanie Meyer, 563 pages, July 22
  3. The Leanin’ Dog, by K.A. Nuzum, 250 pages, July 26
  4. Fragment, by Warren Fahy, 356 pages, July 28
  5. Flawed Dogs: The shocking raid on Westminster, by Berkley Breathed, 217 pages, February 2, 2010
  6. Hate That Cat, by Sharon Creech, 153 pages, February 24, 2010

One Response

  1. I love that New Moon counts! Good job on your challenge. I have yet to complete one in 9 months of blogging. I always get distracted. I’ll have to settle down and just do one one of these days.

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