First Grade Thoughts

My first graders made me smile today!

First, some background information. I do a big Martin Luther King, Jr. unit in January. We also learn about Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges. We also touch on slavery in this unit.

Now back to today. The issue of slavery came up again. The kids were talking about it and saying how wrong it is. My student teacher assured them that we do not have slaves in America anymore. But then one of the kids got very upset and said he knows someone who has slaves… Santa! My student teacher tried explaining that those were elves, not slaves but the consensus of the group was that they were indeed slaves! I wonder if they think the same thing about the Keebler elves? I’m afraid to ask them!


7 Responses

  1. Wow! I never thought of elves that way. 😀

  2. LOL too cute! I have never thought of elves that way either.

  3. I was still giggling this morning about it!

  4. So funny!!! I suppose they are right in a way ….

  5. Very cute!

  6. My husband always jokes about the elves being slaves. 🙂 That is just too funny that the kids thought of it that way though.

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