Sunday Salon – Back on Track (February 14, 2010)

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This past week was a great week! I finally felt 100% better after getting the stomach flu the week before. This gave me tons of energy to enjoy the things I like to do. I finished a great book, Blankets by Craig Thompson (review will be coming soon). And I’m reading 2 other really good books. One is The Catcher in the  Rye by J.D. Salinger. I’m reading this for the Catcher in the Rye Read-a-long. It had been such a long time since I read this book. I really didn’t remember it at all. The other good book I’m reading is Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech. So far I’m enjoying it but  not as much as her book Love that Dog.

I did so well with exercising this week! I exercised everyday and it felt good to do it! I doubled the amount of miles I had put in for the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge 2. If I keep it up, I might actually reach 100 miles! I’ve been using My Fitness Coach (a Wii game) to work out and this week I treated myself to a new game, Wii Fit Plus. It is tons of fun! If you have enjoyed using the Wii Fit, then you’ll have fun with the additional activities included in the Wii Fit Plus.

I’m hoping for another good week of reading and exercising. What do you have planned for this week?


5 Responses

  1. Glad you’re feeling better!

  2. A Wii Fit would be nice…

    I’ve been so unmotivated with exercise lately. I also just started Catcher today. I read it back in 2001 but instantly forgot it, and I can see why. I don’t love or hate it, it’s just boring so far (I’m like 13 chapters in? I barely can remember what was happening when I put the book down a couple hours ago).

  3. I have been a hermit. Worse. A couch potato hermit. The cold has got me down. This is not normal weather in Texas.

  4. I’ve been out of my exercise routine for the past two weeks. I’ve had zero energy and could not bring myself to brave the chilly mornings to get my walking in. However, I feel better now and plan to start again tomorrow. I feel so much better when I exercise. I see all these bloggers exercising in the SNOW and here I am in So Cal…there’s no excuse.

  5. I wish I had half of your exercising motivation. I need to get moving more soon 🙂

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