TSS – Wrap up of 2009 and SNOW!

I really enjoyed looking over everyone’s wrap up of 2009. I took some time this weekend and figured out what I read and gathered a bit of data of my own reading.

Books read wrap up

  • Total number of books: 58
  • Total number of pages: 16,483
  • Male authors: 21
  • Female authors: 36
  • Fiction: 49
  • Nonfiction: 9
  • Graphic Novels: 9
  • Young Adult: 28
  • Reviews written: 31
  • audio books: 1

My overall reading goal was 100 books, which I didn’t make, but I did read more books this year than I ever have! So I feel that is a success!

This year I listened to my first audio book (Harry Potter #1) and I read graphic novels for the first time.

Challenge wrap up

Completed challenges:

Attempted challenges, but not completed:

Dropped out:

Book Award II Challenge


For the last week we kept hearing about a storm that was coming. I did all my errands and prepared to be snowed in, not really thinking that it would happen. Well this morning when I got up and opened up the curtains I almost fell over! We got a ton of snow! 26 inches so far… and it’s still snowing. Here are some pictures from my kitchen door.

The first  picture shows Tessa down in the yard.

The second picture is from my kitchen. You can just barely see Tessa down in the yard. Sara took one look at this and didn’t know what to do.


7 Responses

  1. Whew. That’s a lot of snow. How do you function in that ? Beautiful but complicated.

    Let’s just hope you are fully stocked with books.

  2. Oh my gosh, look at all that snow!!! My dog would disappear in that (she’s short and mostly white, lol). Stay safe and warm!

  3. I will say, again, how jealous I am of your snow. I hope you are enjoying it. 🙂

    I think you had a great year for books.

  4. Wow thats a lot of snow! We’ve gotten a total of maybe 4″ and its all melting away.
    You had a better year than I did. I only read about 38 books but this year… I’m GOING to read 100+!! LOL!
    Good luck with your challenges!
    Natalie :0)
    Your dogs are cute!

  5. Holy cow that is a lot of snow!!

  6. debnance – I was fully stocked with books and food! I had gone to the grocery store the day before and stocked up. I had a real rough drive home from my parents’ house earlier in the week (I went off the road – the dogs and myself were fine) so I knew I wasn’t going anywhere in the storm!

    Mary – I have a friend with 2 little white dogs too. She said they just blended right in!

    Amanda – It’s been a blast! The kids had so much fun at recess today.

    Natalie – Let’s keep encouraging each other to get to that 100 mark!

    Zia – It sure is!

  7. OMG I don’t envy you, even though it does look very pretty outside:)

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