2010 Take Another Chance

Although I did not do well with the 2009 Take a Chance Challenge, I did have fun participating. Here’s the info for the 2010 Take Another Chance challenge:

  • The challenge will run from January 1, 2010 until December 31, 2010.
  • I am participating at the smallest level –  A Small Gamble: Complete any 3 of the 12 challenges described below.
  • Each challenge you complete and link up in the correct Mr. Linky spots (which will be posted on January 1, 2010) will earn you entries into a prize drawing at the end of the challenge. Some of the challenges are harder and will earn you more entries. If you complete all 12 challenges, you will earn 5 extra entries into the drawing.
  • The prize is a book of the winner’s choice from Amazon (worth $25 or less).
  • Crossover books from other challenges is fine.
The 12 Challenges
  • Challenge 1: Read Your Doppelganger (worth 1 entry)
  • Challenge 2: Blogroll Roulette (worth 1 entry)
  • Challenge 3: 100 Best Book (worth 1 entry)
  • Challenge 4: Prize Winner Book (worth 1 entry)
  • Challenge 5: Title Word Count (worth 1 entry)
  • Challenge 6: Genre Switch-Up (worth 1 entry)
  • Challenge 7: Break A Prejudice (worth 1 entry)
  • Challenge 8: Real and Inspired (worth 2 entries)
  • Challenge 9: Same Word, Different Book (worth 2 entries)
  • Challenge 10: Become A Character (worth 2 entries)
  • Challenge 11: All in the Family (worth 2 entries)
  • Challenge 12: Author Anthology Pick (worth 2 entries)

One Response

  1. Well, having fun is what is all about, right? Glad you decided to play along again … and I think it will be easier because of the longer timeframe and the flexiblity in the number of challenges. I look forward to reading your posts!

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