Read-a-thon mini challenge: Reading is Fundamental

As a first grade teacher with a master’s in teaching reading to the elementary education student, celebrating the reading child is part of my everyday life. My goal is not only to teach kids how to read, but to help create life long readers. I am grateful for organizations like Reading is Fundamental for providing resources for parents, teachers, and students.

In my free time I volunteer with my Sara, my Therapy Dog. We go to a local library to listen to kids read. Sara doesn’t care if a child reads the same book over and over or a child stumbles over words. Here is a picture of Sara and a child curled up listening to a book. This picture if from a visit a few years ago.

sara working hardAt today’s session, the kids got such a kick out of Sara’s tail wagging everytime a new book was started! We were at the library for an hour. We had 3 kids with us the entire time Each kid read about 5 books. (One child read a few more). What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!


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  1. Wonderful accolade to childhood literacy. Thank you for all you do in the field of teaching reading (and love of reading) to young kids. It sounds like a dream job!

    Love the pic of Sara ‘reading’ with a child. It brings to mind the story of Dewey the library cat which I just read last week and how the young kids at story hour would calm down due to his presence, especially the child whose lap he honored! Times have changed since I was a child as I can’t imagine our library (ca 60s & 70s) allowing animals indoors.

    Read for joy.

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