TSS: October 18, 2009


Weekend wrap up:

Happy Sunday everyone! This was such a great weekend. I went down to my sister’s house so I could go see my nephews’ cross country race. At the last race, my oldest nephew had a bad asthma attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. This weekend’s race went well. All the kids had a great time, my nephew did not have any health problems and the 3K boys won the city championship! Woo hoo!


I’m getting so excited about the Read-a-Thon next weekend! I think that will help me add some books to these challenges. After 2 very busy weekends of traveling, I can’t think of anything better than a weekend of curling up and reading. I’m starting to get a list of books ready. Some of the books I’ll be picking up the day of the challenge. I’ll be posting my list later in the week. Everyone’s been posting such great lists of books!

Challenge Updates:

I thought this would be a good time for me to take stock in where I was in my challenges. I keep joining challenges but not finishing any! Let’s see where I stand:

Current Challenges:

Have a good week!


3 Responses

  1. Best of lucjk with all your challenges. I can only manage three at any given point of time!

    Sunday Salon: Post Diwali

  2. You’re doing better at me at the 100 mile thing. I”m doing so bad!

    I can’t wait for readathon! I’ll be right here cheering you on!

  3. gautami tripathy – I know I won’t finish them all… but I read a lot of good books in the process.

    Amanda – I really need to be even better at the 100 mile thing. One of my dogs needs to drop about 6 pounds (that doesn’t sound like much but it is 10% of her body weight). She can have bad back problems when she puts on too much weight… and she hates exercise.

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