Nan’s Notes: The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown


  • by Dan Brown
  • Pub. Date: September 2009
  • 508pp

The Lost Symbol is Dan Brown’s latest book with his character Robert Langdon. The book is filled with Masonic secrets, symbology, historic buildings in Washington D.C., and a few other mysteries thrown in. It’s action packed and a very quick read, despite the length of it.

Is The Lost Symbol a great piece of writing? No, but it was a story that pulled me in from the beginning.This was the type of book I needed for this busy time of year. I also found myself reading a little bit each night, even when I was exhausted.  The cliffhangers at every chapter or so made sure I would pick up the book again. The short chapters made me feel like I moving right along with the book and provided easy stopping points for when I got too tired to read after a busy day.

I remember when I read The DaVinci Code, I was hooked and read it very quickly in 2 or 3 days. At that point in time, I was even busier than I am now! Again, I did not think that book had great writing, but the story hooked me. The Lost Symbol did not hook me in as much.

All in all, not a great book, but it did its job keeping me reading and to keeping me entertained. I had fun reading it, but I know it won’t stick with me.

Sorry for the short review – I have to finish getting ready for a family wedding tomorrow. Have a good weekend everyone!



4 Responses

  1. Hey Nan- thank you for the review in spite of your busy weekend preparations. I almost bought the book last weekend but decided against it. Although I have read all of Brown’s previous books, I am curious to see what’s to come prior to actually reading it. A few weeks ago, the DC Tourism office and museums’ administrations came out with warnings as to increased flow of tourists expected, because of this book. Reality or exaggeration? Who knows? And how more original can Brown be? In fact, if a writer writes his masterpiece, how much more can be produce following the exact same pattern?

  2. Have fun at your wedding!

    I’m not a fan of Dan Brown. I read Angels & Demons back in 2001, and the writing was embarrassingly bad. The story hooked me, and i read it in 2 days, but afterwards I felt sick, as if I’d gorged myself on McDonalds (ew). I never plan to read anything else by him.

  3. Aspiring Artists – I’ll be curious if there is if there is an increase of tourists and if there is, how long it will go on.

    Amanda – That is it! You nailed it! I feel as if I had a bunch of junk food. It entertained me, but certainly did not grow from it.

  4. I hope to get to The Lost Symbol soon, since that’s pretty much what I thought of Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code– they were far from great writing, but I enjoyed them enough I didn’t care! I’m happy to hear the The Lost Symbol lives up to that standard.

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