Sunday Salon: A Good Week


It’s been a good week. I am so glad to have finished some books! I finished and reviewed Catching Fire. I enjoyed it, but I am going to go crazy waiting for the next book! Last night I finished Dork Diaries, by Rachel Renee Russell. Hopefully I’ll get that review up later this week or next weekend.

It’s also been a very lucky week for me! I won Harry Potter 7 and a golden snitch pin from Amanda at The Zen Leaf. I am so behind in the Harry Potter series. This is just what I needed to get myself going again. I might just have to join the Harry Potter challenge. 🙂 I also won The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison from Laura over at I’m Booking It.

On top of all of that… the sound on my computer got fixed. Woo hoo! And… my  new electric toothbrush arrived in the mail – my old electric toothbrush died a week and half ago.

I’m rested up and ready for a five day week of school. We had a three day week, a four day week and now a full week. I often spend a few minutes reading a Junie B. Jones book at the end of the day to the kids in my class. I have done this for years. My current group of first graders laughs so hard. They absolutely love it! In the past, my kids have laughed and enjoyed it, but this year they laugh so hard that I have to stop reading while they catch their breath! Reading aloud to kids is one of the perks of my job. 🙂

Happy reading and have a good week!


2 Responses

  1. I’ve only read the first of the Harry Potter books, but one of these days I might try one of the follow-ups. The only problem is that they all seem to be very long books and I’m a really slow reader! Congrats on your win – winning books is always so much fun!

  2. I really hope you join the Harry Potter challenge. The last books are so much better than the first ones!

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