Take A Chance Challenge: Movie/Book Comparison

dead until dark Dead Until Dark and True Bloodtrue blood

I am a bit behind in writing up this book/movie comparison. Well, actually it’s a book/TV show comariosn. I hope that counts for this challenge.

I read and reviewed Dead Until Dark earlier this summer. I picked it up because I had seen Anna Paquin on a talk show where some clips were shown of True Blood. I thought it looked interesting so I went to the library to get the book. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too scary for me.

I thought Dead Until Dark was a fun read. Not a heavy book and not too scary. I found it humorous and laughed outloud in several spots. After reading it, I put True Blood on the top of my Netflix queue.

Now one thing you should know about me… I do love scary movies and books. Unfortunately, I just can’t handle them. I scare myself silly. (I still have trouble going down into the basement to get the laundry at nightafter seeing The Blair Witch Project over 10 years ago!) I wish I could handle scary movies better.

I liked the book better than the show because the book just didn’t scare me like the show did. The show wasn’t super scary, but all it takes is just one scene, and then I have trouble sleeping (see above paragraph.)The first disk of the series arrived and it contained 2 episodes.  The first episode has one scene that scared me a bit. But the second episode ended with a scene that I knew would give me nightmares. Both scenes involved the bald vampire, he gives such a scary look! I knew after that episode that I wouldn’t be able to watch the rest of the series.

The other thing that bothered me about the series was that it just seemed to have a different flavor to it. It was good, but it lacked the lighter humor that the book had for me. I think if I hadn’t read the book, I might have liked it in a different way, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.


5 Responses

  1. I’ve heard that the two are pretty different, but people seem to like them for their separate charms. Personally I couldn’t get through the first chapter of the book and I know there’s no way I can watch a vampire movie. Vampires creep me out!

  2. Amanda -I just wish I could handle scary movies like I could when I was younger. I do love scary movies, I just get too scared. Well, maybe I didn’t handle them better then but if I didn’t sleep I could deal with that better. 🙂

    Scary books don’t tend to bother me quite as much as scary movies.

  3. I’ve often found that I can read scary books, but can’t watch the movies (although I don’t even like vampire or zombie books, but that’s more about the subject matter and less about the scariness). The only scary books I haven’t been able to read are Stephen King’s – I just find them to be too disturbing.

  4. I love scary movies. I like both the show and the book (I only read the first book, so far). I think the book is better though.

  5. I’m a real scaredy cat too — and it makes a huge difference to “see” something on the screen versus reading it — though both can scare me. And I’ve heard so much about both the TV show and the books that I want to check both of them out!

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