Challenge: R.I.P. IV Challenge

rip iv


I’ve seen so many people sign up for R.I.P IV Challenge … I couldn’t hold back any longer. I’m going with the shortest reading list, since the first 2 months of school are usually super busy. My goal is too read 1 book that fts the theme of the challenge. I’m debating which of the following books to read:


7 Responses

  1. I’m glad you gave in and decided to join in the fun! I just finished The Strain last week and really enjoyed it, and hope to get to Shadow of the Wind sometime soon!

  2. I’m a little bit in to the Shadow of the Wind. would have been further if catching fire hadn’t come out, yesterday. Woops! Back on track, now…

  3. One book is better than none! I’m so glad you’re joining.

  4. Both good choices. Happy reading!

    Here is my RIP IV read list

  5. I haven’t heard of these. R.I.P. IV

  6. Carl – Thanks for the welcome!

    Pam – I just started Catching Fire today!

    Amanda – Who knows… maybe I will get them both read. 🙂

    gautami and bluestocking – I’m checking out your lists now.

  7. Hello, Nan! I absolutely loved The Shadow of the Wind! Actually, I haven’t met someone who didn’t like it. I guess it appeals to all bibliophiles out there.

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