Sunday Salon – Summertime


I enjoy reading so many of the Sunday Salon posts that I decided to join in the fun and write one myself. 🙂

Today was a beautiful day. It has been warm but breezy, with the sun more out than behind the clouds. I love sitting out on the deck in this type of weather, reading away the day. I think this is my favorite part of summer.

Tessa's favorite activity while I read on the deck.

Tessa's favorite activity while I read on the deck.

I always have company with my while I read on the deck.  Tessa, the more active of my 2 chocolate labs, plays fetch while I read. And of course, I still have Ani ( my sister’s 10 month old pup) with me while I puppy sit.

As I sat on the deck today, I read quite a bit of Fragment, a fun thriller which was just what I was in the mood to read. I also finally picked The Leanin’ Dog back up. I’m determined to finish it! I really expected to love this book. (One look at the cover and you’ll know why I thought I would love it so much.) I’m so bummed that I don’t.

So to sum up today:

reading + sitting on the deck + fetch = summer

I don’t want summer to end!

Tessa agrees. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. I’m glad you’re getting in on the Sunday Salon action! I hate when a book fails to meet my expectations. i try so hard not to hype things up but every now and then I get carried away and then let down. Hope the atmosphere and Fragment make up for it!

  2. Okay, it’s possible i already know th is, but bear with me on my faulty memory combined with meeting so many new bloggers at once – what part of the country/world do you live in? I used to live in Wisconsin, and I LOVED summers up there. Down here in Texas, though, you can’t go outside for more than a few minutes without roasting alive. We haven’t been able to open our windows in nearly six months now (it got too warm in early March!), so it feels dead here. 😦 I miss summers up north. For that matter, I miss winter, too. I don’t mind snow. At least it’s seasons!

  3. I live in Vermont, in the northern part of Vermont. I can get away without having an air conditioner. There is usually one or two weeks a year where the humidity gets to me, but I survive through it by living on Freeze Pops and ice cream. It’s nothing like what you guys get! This year, it’s been much cooler than usual and lots of rain. I do love the 4 seasons throughout the year… but winter does go on for too long.

  4. We had a beautiful day here in Minnesota too and I also read on the deck. I cant believe we are almost at the end of July already!

  5. Yeah, winter can go on too long in some parts of the world, too. I miss not neededing a/c though. We don’t really need heaters here, except that they build their houses without insulation so the house turns the same temp as outside really quickly. It’s really weird when it’s in the 30s in the morning but in the 80s by the afternoon because of the sun. It’s not real winter if it gets up to 80 during the day! That also makes it hard to dress for the day. Sigh. I just need to move back to the midwest…

    Also, I meant to say it on my original comment but apparently forgot – welcome to the Sunday Salon!!

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