I’m a Lucky Duck!

lucky duckI won a giveaway at GoodReads this morning! I won a copy of the Dork Diaries: Tales of a Not So Fabulous Life, by Rachel Russel.

I’m also very embarrased. I received a copy of The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls in audiobook format and I don’t know where it came from! I thought I had kept track of all the places I won things from. If I wont it from you, can you please let me know so I can give you and your blog credit?

My package of mystery books arrived from Devourer of Books. I won this when I participated in the Bloggesita event. In the package were the following books: The Blue Notebook, A Girl’s Guide to Modern European Philosophy: a Novel, and Sacred Hearts.


7 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your wins! I love to win books!

  2. Wow! I just won something off Goodreads this morning, too!

    Okay, this is going to sound stupid, but I’ve added so many book bloggers on goodreads lately that I can’t remember if we’re friends on there. A lot of book bloggers don’t have the same name there as on their blogs, so it gets really confusing. If not, we should become friends! Where’s your profile at? Mine is: http://www.goodreads.com/pookasluagh


  3. I just sent a friend request to you! It’s funny because I entered the GoodReads giveaway because of something you mentioned in a comment yesterday! Congrats on your win!

  4. Yay Nan, it’s great to connect with you. Even better that you kept the same screenname! 🙂 Man that gets so confusing sometimes. Anyway, I’m glad to hear I was able to help you win books. 😀

  5. My goodness, you are a lucky duck! I’ll have to check if I have you on my friends list at Goodreads-I probably do.

    Dork Diaries is awesome!

  6. Dar – I sent you a friend request tonight from GoodReads. 🙂

  7. Fun! I love “mystery” books! Oh who am I kidding…. I just love books! LOL

    Good morning and congratulations on your winnings!

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