It’s Monday! What are you reading? (June 15)

what-are-you-readingThis weekly event is hosted by This kick off for the week is hosted by J. Kaye. It’s a great way to see what people are reading for the week.

This is the first full week of summer vacation for me… I hope to increase the amount of books I read.

Books finished last week:

  • Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher
  • The Sims 3 Prima Official Game Guide, by Catherine Browne
  • The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

Currently Reading:

The Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld

Up Next:

Not sure yet. We’ll see what comes in at the library. 🙂

Status of other challenges:


13 Responses

  1. Happy reading! 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to hear what you thought about The Hunger Games! I loved it.

    Thirteen Reasons Why is on my Amazon wish list 🙂

  3. I have the Hunger Games on my TBR pile!

    Happy reading!

  4. I’m really looking forward to your reviews both on Uglies and The Hunger Games, two of fav books this year!

  5. I have heard fantastic things about 13 Reasons Why.
    Have a great week of reading!

  6. Ooh I’m waiting on my copy of Hunger Games to arrive from the Book Depository UK, any day now, I cant wait!
    Have a great reading week 🙂

  7. Had to smile at “We’ll see what comes in at the library.” All my books I had on hold came at once. I am now bogged down…lol! I really wish that I could have them come in slowly.

  8. Thirteen Reasons Why is one of my favourite reads of all times..

    Mondays: Musings/Mailbox/whereabouts

  9. Enjoy the Uglies, i’ve heard good things.

  10. Do you like and play Sims 3? I love Sims 2 but am not as impressed with 3. What do you think?

  11. Have a good reading week!

  12. Maree, Jessica, Mary – Happy reading to you too!

    Ladybug, Sharon – I LOVED The Hunger Games! One of the best books so far this year. Happy reading!

    Amanda – The Hunger Games was sooo good. I’ve started Uglies yesterday and so far I love it!

    Teddyree – I hope your copy comes soon! It was really good.

    J.Kaye – Last week, Pretties came in… I’m glad I realized that it was the second one of the series before I started it! When I went to return it and ask to be added back to the end of the list, Uglies was waiting for me!

    gautami tripathy – I agree, Thirteen Reasons Why was a great read!

    Alaine Bucknall – Sims 3 has taken some getting used to it… but I think I really like it! I do need a new graphics card. I can only play on the minimum settings. I love being able to go all over the town and visiting with people. I find it very hard to have my sims earn money so they can buy a bigger house because they spend so much time hanging around the town.

  13. Loved the Hunger Games and Uglies is on my TBR pile at home. 🙂

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