Lost Podcast

lostI’m a Lost addict. I just love that show! After watching each episode, I love to go over and read the episode write up over on Lostpedia. I also enjoy listening to podcasts that discuss the show and various theories.

One of my favorite podcasts is one I recently discovered- Lost Podcast: The Transmission. This podcast is so well organized. You get a recap in 8 minutes or less. Discussion by the hosts about the show. Then You All Everybody, where callers and e-mailers share their comments, thoughts, and theories. Finally, there is the Forward Cabin where the hosts share some spoilerish news, but there is always a warning so you can skip the spoilers if you wish.

Nan’s Notes: If you love Lost and discussing various theories about the show, you will enjoy this podcast.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been watching LOST since day one. Love that show!

  2. It’s so addictive! I love finding other people who are hooked on it. Check out the podcast… I really like it.

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