My Fitness Coach


I got My Fitness Coach for my Wii about 3 weeks ago. I absolutely love this game! Although,  I don’t think game is the right word for it. This Wii activity, runs like a workout DVD, but it is much more interactive.

To start off, you take a fitness test. This includes giving your weight, height, resting heart rate, heart rate after exercise, and then various physical tests (crunches, lunges, push ups). The “trainer” then shows your recommended area to work on for your   goal from one of the following areas: cardio, core, upper body, lower body, flexibility, and yoga. You can stick with the recommended goal or choose your own long term goal. It also has a recommended work out schedule that you can change based on your availability and commitment. You also choose how long each work out is (15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes)

Each day you sign on, the game shows you what it recommends for you to work on, again you stick with it or try something else. There are around 500 individual exercises that the game can choose from. This makes each work out different. I don’t think I will find myself getting bored with this because you never know what you will be doing each day. When you work out, it is like a real workout DVD. You don’t use the remotes or the balance board, you are  working out… and it is tough! After each segment of the workout (warm up, and a couple areas of focus) you will be asked if the workout was too easy, just right, or too hard. The game makes adjustments based on your feedback. After every 10 workouts, you take your fitness tests again and the trainer makes new recommendations for your long term goals.

What’s the game missing? Well, I wish it had graphs that tracked all your workouts that you have done. It does have graphs to track your progress in your fitness tests, but I would like to see how many cardio workouts I’ve done compared to yoga. Also, I wish you could have the option to take the fitness test at another time and just do a regular workout. Finally, the buttons on the screen that you have to click on to give your feedback are very narrow and close together. It’s hard to click the right button when your huffing and puffing from a workout!

Those flaws are minor in comparison to the quality of the workouts that I feel I am getting from this game. I hope it keeps me motivated so I will keep up with my work out routine!


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